John McLaren well-paid landscape manager 26 years past mandatory retirement

John McLaren transformed San Francisco and the Peninsula from an arid treeless semi-desert to a park-like environment that we enjoy daily. The gruff Scot was employed by the estates of San Mateo county and later by the City of San Francisco. Sunset Magazine called him a true master gardener and the highest horticultural authority in the West.

Mandatory retirement at age 70 was waived by the San Francisco city council. McLaren continued his work until his death at the age of 96.

Many people take up gardening in their retirement; McLaren gardened on a grand scale throughout his long adult life and was well-paid for that mastery.

Recommendation for Employment Crossing

I rarely recommend costly services or products for job-seekers. I will make an exception for Employment Crossing. I subscribe to Project Management Crossing for $30/month, one of about 50 different flavors. The others include HR Crossing, Finance Crossing, etc.  Membership in one type gives search access to all of the others. The Crossing sites pull job openings from many other sites and offers excellent search, sort, and notification features.

MIT Sloan Presentation on Innovation

MIT Sloan Presentation on Leadership
A few days ago the Sloan School of Business at MIT released an excellent video of W.A.Gore CEO Terri Kelly. The title is Creating a Culture of Innovation.

W. L. Gore & Associates has been called “the most innovative company in America” by Fast Company magazine and has been named to that magazine’s current Fast 50 list of innovative companies. W. L. Gore is number 47 on the Fortune list of 100 best companies to work for.

Shirley Magidson: Inventor

Shirley Magidson may be known to many as an ultra-liberal activist. I prefer to focus on her career as an inventor. Her early success was in the invention of the underwire brassierre. This invention and the Maiden Form Brassierre Company made her wealthy. Years later Ms. Magidson was still inventing. She patented a sleep mask at the age of 78.

Terrific new website offers company-specific salary information

A terrific new website offers company-specific salary information. The site claims to be for technology careers but I found rich information for teachers and other professions.  The interface is Google-like so do not expect much information about the company itself: Salary Dom. Even the AboutUs page is sparse.  The URL is

Invention: an attractive option for Boomers & Seniors

Working for pay keeps Boomers & Seniors active, engage, healthy, and wealthy. Options include staying in a current position, finding a new position, becoming a contractor/consultant, or starting a company. Add a fifth option: becoming an inventor. Mature adults have been inventing for centuries. They are close to the needs of the 100 million strong boomer/senior market and have the maturity to see the intersection among need, technical possibility, and market acceptance. A major advantage of invention over other options: a continuing stream of income.

Selectivity saves money and provides luxury

Be choosy and selective when buying. Have one best sweater instead of five mediocre ones. Extend this practice to everything you purchase. Buy a smaller, nicer house and a few pieces of high-quality furniture. You will be surrounded by luxury while spending less. Take it a step further with a few great friends instead of dozens of acquaintances.