Enormous source of products and services

Every day millions of children and adults spend several hours in formal learning environments. Rather than simply solving problems and writing essays that have been done thousands of times in the past, these people could be solving real problems and creating products and services. Perhaps 10 to 20% of school work produces real commodities and services: sporting events, plays, concerts, yearbooks, newspapers, films. Increasing that percentage would create a wealth bonanza while making the learning experience more useful and satisfying.

93-year-old Norman Borlaug honored for saving a billion people

A couple of weeks ago Congress added the Gold Medal to the honors including a Nobel Prize that have been awarded to 93-year-old Norman Borlaug. In the 1940s this agronomist brought dwarf wheat to Mexico where grain production tripled. Borlaug later spread his techniques throughout the world. His World Food Prize stimulated production in Africa, China, India and elsewhere. Borlaug scoffs at the  ‘organic’ movement because there’s “no evidence the food is any different than that produced by chemical fertilizers.” Jacky’s comment: with the exception of minerals that our bodies need, all food is made of organic compounds. The basis of organic compounds is carbon, the bad-boy of the global warming movement.

Appearing on Steve Piazzale’s You’re Hired TV Program

Last evening Dr. Steve Piazzale interviewed me about Boomer/Senior Careers for his televison program You’re Hired.  It was a pleasure! The program will be shown over the coming events on many Northern California television stations. You can see the list at Steve’s web site www.bayareacareercoach.com  My interview will probably be Episode 46. Steve has boosted hundreds of careers. He can provide you with sound advice that considers your dreams and the reality of the job marketplace.

Staying in the Game August 7 Mountain View

The Expanded Careers Event August 7 from 5pm-8pm has been moved to Rengstorff Park in Mountain View (Calif, USA).  The theme is Staying in the Game. Included will be a career-boosting networking game plus a short presentations and white papers on revving up mid-careers and participating in conversations with Generations X and Y. Autographed copies of Happy About Working to Stay Young ( HAWTSY ): Expanded Careers for Boomers and Seniors will be available for $25.  Save money by buying the PDF version for $11.95, printing it and bringing it to the event to be signed. See www.bigtent.info Soft drinks, water, and napkins will be provided; bring finger foods that can be shared. For a reservation, write to Cheryl Sims cts@chalkinstitute.org

Foothill College Customer Service Class Sep-Dec

CNET 119 Customer Service Skills for IT Professionals will be available at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills Tuesday evenings Fall 2007. Tuition is $39 and fees about $50. Interpersonal and intercultural communications, project management, problem-management, troubleshooting, job-hunting, and career advancement are included. Go to http://www.foothill.edu/schedule/schedule.php and select Fall 2007 and Computer Networking and Electronics and course number 119 or write to jhood@bigtent.info

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid by C.K. Prahalad

I have been engrossed in Professor CK Prahalad’s tome: The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid — Eradicating Poverty Through Profits. What a refreshing change from hundreds of years of altruism that degrades and permanently impoverishes half the world’s population and condemns the other half to permanent guilt. Productivity, trade, and profit are the only sustainable solutions.

Expanded Careers July 17 Lafayette CA

EVENT: Expanded Careers for Boomers and Seniors Workshop conducted by Jacky Hood Tuesday July 17 2007 10am California EDD Experience Unlimited Meeting Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church 49 Knox Drive, Lafayette, CA 94549-3322
No admission cost; visitors welcome. See http://www.euphca.org/loc_lopc.htm
Topics for this workshop:
1. The impending worker shortage
2. Finding a new position with 20+ years of experience

For more information about HAWTSY  Happy About Working to Stay Young, visit http://www.bigtent.info