Silicon Valley Executive Business Program

I recommend this program. Attend the free briefing on Sep 6 to see if it is for you.

EVENT: Silicon Valley Executive Business Program Briefing
DATE: Thu, September 6 from 6-8pm
Cost: Free
Location: UCSC-Extension Cupertino Campus

PROGRAM: Silicon Valley Executive Business Training and Networking
DATES: Starts September 21 for 11 weeks
Location: UCSC-Extension Cupertino Campus

On-Line Oct 10 Impending Talent Shortage

How Boomers and Seniors can Alleviate the Impending World-Wide Worker Shortage: On the Web Wednesday, October 10, 2007, 10am Pacific Time.  Register at The population pyramids of the economically developed world are turning into boxes and even upside-down pyramids. We have been borrowing workers from the underdeveloped world but time is running out. Boomers and Seniors worldwide are needed for their numbers, wisdom, experience, and education. This workshop includes many success stories and active participation by the audience.

Handbags dominate for 2 sound reasons

Baffled why handbags have become the fashion statement? Why women spend hundreds on a great bag? Two simple reasons: there is no problem with fit and everyday use. This means no dressing rooms, no outgrowing, and ease in buying as a gift. Everyday use means one can make a fashion statement constantly. Not even shoes can be worn on so many occasions. Even a thousand dollar bag can cost only a few dollars per compliment. No outfit could claim this.

Celebrating HAWTSY

Yesterday, more than 2 dozen friends and relatives celebrated the official publication of HAWTSY . Given enough cake and champagne, they were willing to watch the television interview about Happy About Working to Stay Young: Expanded Careers for Boomers and Seniors. The gifts, cards, and congratulations were much appreciated.

Age discrimination is mostly in the mind of the ‘victim’

It is surprising that a search on age discrimination turns up more complaints about being considered too young. Young or old, there are far more likely causes for failure to obtain a loan, get a job, etc. Blaming one’s age is a handy excuse when more homework, better presentation and other factors may have helped the ‘victim’ become a victor. Appendix B of HAWTSY is devoted to helping oldsters avoid the ‘overqualified’ and ‘not fitting the culture’ objections. It is also a kick in the pants to work on the factors one can control

Elsie Floriani writes thoughtful Gentry editorial

On page 26 of both the print and online September editions of Gentry magazine, Founder and Executive Editor Elsie Floriani philosophizes about the ravages of nature and the popular belief that humankind is to blame. She writes  “more laws, fewer individual freedoms, loss of property rights, and higher taxes will be the order of the day.” See

Two career groups enhance career paths

Yahoo Group ExpandedCareers and Facebook Group Boomer / Senior Careers provide mutual-boosting communities for Generations Y and X as well as Boomers and Seniors. Topics include education, responsibility, skills, career paths, and related topics. The Yahoo Group is focused on Northern California and the Facebook group has a worldwide focus. Please join one or both. See to call or write me for more information.