Foothill College class will happen!

The CNET 119 business skills class at Foothill College will be held for the first time in three terms. We have 21 registrations, one more than required! Weeks of publicity did no good. Listening to people made the difference. I kept hearing people asking for help in obtaining Project Management certfication. There was a 75% over lap with the skills addressed in this class. So we added preparation for certification exams and voila! 17 new registrants. We may have even more before the frst class meeting this evening.

Foyle’s War

An outstanding television series starring Michael Kitchen, Foyle’s War depicts crime in Hastings England during WWII. Each 90-minute episode has several interleaved plots. Writing, acting, costumes, and props (cars, planes) are first class. We borrow the DVDs from the library. Recently three more episodes were filmed and we watched them on television. Highly recommended.

Orkut not ready for prime time

A few days ago I set up a profile on Google’s social network dubbed Orkut. I used my one Google account that includes gmail, google home page with RSS feeds, Google adwords to promote one of my websites (this is a service for which I pay), and google ads on my site (for which I get paid). I spent quite a bit of time setting up my profile including uploading a picture. Then I browsed the groups and joined the Books group. When I went back two days later, my profile was gone! So I looked for customer service on this issue. Google itself provides minimal help on webpages and no way to communicate a problem (by em, im, or phone). I was directed to a forum where I found three panicky questions by people who had lost their profiles under slightly different circumstances. There were no answers to these pleas. None of the other social networks need to worry about the Google entry into this market.

Spinach Quiche that impressed Dave & Roger

Half of a small carton of egg ‘product’ (egg whites)
Mozarella — about a cup grated or chopped
One cup free parmesan: grated
Large package frozen spinach, thawed
2 packages of crescent roll dough
Medium onion, chopped

Preheat oven to 400 deg F. Put a little olive oil in clay baker and wiped it around. Roll out the dough, stretch it etc. till you can press it into the bottom and up the sides. Mix the spinach, eggs and onion and pour on top of the crust. Put the two types of cheese on top. Put in oven and turn the temp down to 350. Bake 30 minutes and serve from the baker.

Responsibility vs. Treaties

India and Israel have not signed the nuclear non-proliferation agreement. North Korea and Iran who are signers have violated the agreement. Who do trust more, those who sign or those who do not? I will go with the non-signers. History is full of broken treaties. Individual responsibility, even at the national level, is more likely to hold. I would trust Israel and India to treat nuclear capability with care. I view two of the five original nuclear powers Russia and China as well as Iran and North Korea with great distrust.

Tarantula hunt

My husband Dave looked for tarantulas at Arastradero Preserve yesterday. None! Today we hiked partway up Flag Hill at Sunol Wilderness and back along Indian Joe Creek Trail. We saw no fuzzy spiders but two other hikers reported a sighting. Later a naturalist demonstrated and discussed the two femail and one mail tarantula from the visitor’s center. Dave took more than 200 pictures and kept about 30 of them.

Excel Pivot Tables for Project Management

A couple of years ago, I mentioned to a manager at a large consulting firm that I do not know how to use Excel pivot tables. He asked “how can you manage projects?” My jaw probably dropped as I had never heard of doing this. So Excel Masters offered a class on pivot tables, I signed up. I also searched the web for articles on this topic. Nothing on using pivot tables for project management in either the class or on the web. Some mention of using Excel itself, generally with templates or add-on software. I think I have figured out how to use pt’s for project management. I will try it and report back later.