Looking at the Presidential Candidates

My own preference would be to have government hired rather than elected. (Many cities do this with city managers.) Leadership is far too important to be in government; it belongs in art, business, engineering, science and other fields. Because government is all about power, the less leadership and the more careful stewardship, the better. On the other hand, the manager-style presidents and candidates (George W. Bush with his MBA, Hillary Clinton with her billable-hours lawyer mentality and Mitt Romney with his office products chain and mandatory health insurance) do not appeal to me. I find myself gravitating toward those with more leadership qualities like Guiliano, McCain and Obama.  As a registered Libertarian, I stared at a long slate of candidates whose names I did not recognize. I should have switched to Republican and supported Ron Paul whose policies align with mine. Because I didn’t do that, I made my point by writing in Dr. Paul in on Libertarian ballot. A dozen years ago he was the Libertarian candidate for President and I supported him. This fall I will probably vote for John McCain. On the slim chance that Huckabee is nominated, I would support him for the national sales tax idea.