GreatBoomLand: 100m strong and no H1Bs Required

GreatBoomLand is a country of 100 million US residents born before 1965. They are educated, skilled, experienced, energetic, and many are planning to work for several more decades. They do not require H1B visas.

The Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomer Generation represent a talent pool for US employers unmatched anywhere in the world.

Help us reveal the secret of GreatBoomLand to Microsoft, Oracle, and other employers who are lobbying for more H1B visas because of the shortage of US skilled workers.

GreatBoomLand is pro-immigrant and pro-H1Bs. For each H1B hired, the employer typically hires 5 other workers. GreatBoomLand can provide those 5 workers.

To hear more about GreatBoomLand and how you can become part of this movement, register for attend this webinar Tuesday evening April 1 at 7pm Pacific Time. Anyone who pays for and attends the webinar will be eligible to have his/her $50 GreatBoomLand membership fee waived.

Boomer Longevity and Careers
7:00pm-8:00pm Pacific Time
Tuesday April 1, 2008, $25
Each registrant will be able to immediately download at no extra cost:
·eBook: Happy About Being a Baby Boomer: Facing Our Newfound Longevity by Catherine Kitcho ($11.95 retail)
·eBook: Happy About Working to Stay Young: Expanded Careers for Boomers and Seniors by Jacky Hood ($11.95 retail)

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Etymology of the word ‘career’

From Word Mysteries & Histories: “An ideal career would be a steady progression from one set of responsibilities to other, increased responsibilities rather than a mad race from job to job. The pace of a modern fast-track career actually seems to reflect early senses of the word itself. In early use the English word career had such senses as ‘racecourse’, ‘a short gallop at full speed’, ‘a rapid course’, and ‘the moment of peak activity.” 

Survey: 26 Percent of Employers Plan to Hire

A Manpower study released today says that 26 percent of US employers plan to hire in the next 3 months.  Jonas Prising, Manpower’s president for North America said “..there are still employment opportunities out there.” Manufacturing is strong in the West, Midwest and Northeast; education in the West; and transportation and utilities in the West and Northeast.

Taxation and job services in Silicon Valley

Here in Silicon Valley, people are alarmed that tax-supported job placement services have been cut by 20%. They are pushing for higher taxes. I have a different perspective.

A Silicon Valley resident who is self-employed, makes $30K after business expenses, and owns a modest $600,000 home with a paid-off mortgage, pays the following taxes.

$7,000 property tax
$4,600 self-employed social security and medicare
$4,500 federal income tax
$2,700 state income tax
$1,000 sales & gasoline taxes, state disability, etc.

TOTAL $19,800 in taxes: 66% of income

This person works more than 3 days per week just to pay taxes. $30,000 is a very low income in Silicon Valley and most property taxes are much higher than $7,000. At $30K, federal taxes are 15% and state income taxes are 9%; these percentages increase with income. Those who earn more than $30K or own a more typically-priced home work without pay for as many as 4 days a week.

Taxes slow the economy. In a more vigorous economy, we would not have so many people needing job placement services.

The one-room school concept applied to Finnish schools

By some measures Finnish schools are the best in the world.  One reason is that bright children are not fast-tracked. They stay with the average and slow children and help those students learn. Not only does this mean outstanding math, science, and reading scores compared to other countries, it also means that Finnish children learn the teamwork skills needed in industry and society.

None of the above candidates

Ed Crane of Cato Institute summed up the policies of Clinton and Obama: “socialized medicine, higher taxes on the rich (after all, the top 1% pay only 39% of all income taxes), and hysteria over climate change”. On the other hand, McCain wants to restrict the first amendment and participation in political campaigns and spend US lives and dollars throughout the world for decades or centuries. The only reasonable position is ‘none of these three’. The USA deserves better candidates.