Anna Banks website & blog: great boomer career resource

The Anna Banks website and blog are a great boomer career resource. Every posting is worth reading. Some recent topics include “Career Planning for Baby Boomers — Staying Motivated” and “Baby Boomers – Turn your Creative Practical Hobbies into a Business”. Ms. Banks is a career and financial coach and college instructor.

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Adding depth to a career

Traditionally career advancement has meant climbing the management ladder. More recently attention has been given to adding breadth to a career by making lateral moves into other functions. This could mean moving within the current department, e.g. from Finance to Accounting or from Marketing to Sales. Or it could mean moving out of one area to another, e. g. from Manufacturing to Development.

There is a third path for careers: greater depth. Increasing knowledge and skill in the current job can make the manager more valuable to the current and future employers. Adding depth also makes a career more interesting and rewarding. Methods include completing classes, attending professional events, writing articles, giving industry presentations, and more.

Coffee and compound interest

I love coffee. I also know it is expensive in money, time to buy and consume, and the occasional ruined outfit or chair cover. Ranging from a few cents for homebrew to several dollars at a gourmet shop, I estimate an average of $1/day. Flavors and added milk/cream mean unneeded calories and fat. So I now embark on an experiment to cut back and eventually cut out coffee. I cannot go cold turkey because the headaches will be ferocious. The lure: $1/day for forty years at a modest interest rate mounts to $40,000!

Food Gifts and Prizes will be appreciated

Need or wish to buy a gift or a door prize? With rising food prices, items such as wild rice, gourmet vinegar, and fancy olive oil appeal to nearly everyone. You save up to 10% over comparably priced non-food items because there is no sales tax on food. A $10 food gift will seem like a luxury whereas $10 spent on a book or picture frame wil make you look cheap. Wrapping food gifts is a breeze. Just tie on a ribbon with a tiny gift tag.