Recommendation for Employment Crossing

I rarely recommend costly services or products for job-seekers. I will make an exception for Employment Crossing. I subscribe to Project Management Crossing for $30/month, one of about 50 different flavors. The others include HR Crossing, Finance Crossing, etc.  Membership in one type gives search access to all of the others. The Crossing sites pull job openings from many other sites and offers excellent search, sort, and notification features.

MIT Sloan Presentation on Innovation

MIT Sloan Presentation on Leadership
A few days ago the Sloan School of Business at MIT released an excellent video of W.A.Gore CEO Terri Kelly. The title is Creating a Culture of Innovation.

W. L. Gore & Associates has been called “the most innovative company in America” by Fast Company magazine and has been named to that magazine’s current Fast 50 list of innovative companies. W. L. Gore is number 47 on the Fortune list of 100 best companies to work for.