Heading for Connexions conference plus 4-city open textbook roadshow

The Rice University Connexions conference is the highlight of my travels that start today. Connexions is the premier open educational resources repository.

I will also be facilitating open textbook workshops in Orlando January 26, St Petersburg January 28, Ft. Lauderdale February 1, and Houston February 3. Florida community colleges have signed up about 80 open textbook fans and advocate/trainers and Texas is a strong competitor. The Florida Distance Learning  Consortium (FDLC) also has an outstanding repository Orange Grove Texts Plus. The FDLC staff deserve all the credit for the high registration. FDLC staff  plus people from St. Petersburg and Broward Colleges are providing instructors for the workshops. Houston Community College is doing the same for the Feb 3 workshop.

Creative Expressions at Los Altos Cafe this Month

Creative Expressions has an ongoing art exhibit this month at Mail Street Cafe in Los Altos, California.  You can drop in any time and see the exhibit. The group is having a reception on Friday, January 15 from 5 – 7 PM.  I will be there and hope to see you there, too.

My friend Cathy Smithwick, one of the artists, says “The exhibits are of Mandalas that we painted on single sized pizza boxes (they were clean and unused).  Some of you may have seen the monks in Tibet creating sand mandalas on the grounds of their temples that are swept away and destroyed as soon as they are complete.  Ours are a bit more permanent, having been painted in acrylics.  Each one is unique since it is the design of the creator.  If you happen to go and I am not there, you can find mine.  It is very colorful and has a circle of dolphins swimming around it.  There are blues, yellows, reds and, of course, purple in the color scheme. “